About Us

Proforce Personnel was established to help companies find loyal, dedicated, hard working employees to fill various roles. We achieve this by treating all job seekers with a high degree of professionalism and respect. That means that even if we don’t place a job seeker we try to help them along their career path.

Employers: How We Work

Here’s the fine print: we charge a fee for our services.

But, if you don’t employ any of our candidates, you pay nothing and everyone you do employ is covered by our guarantee.

Our Guarantee To You

We check all references and do a background-check on all of our candidates. If you don’t accept our candidates, we will ask some questions, but they will only be to find out how to better serve you the next time.

When you do retain one of our candidates, they will be covered by our guarantee starting on the first day of employment. Should that employee not satisfy your needs, we will find you another as a replacement. That is, for each candidate you retain we will offer one additional candidate as a replacement. What’s more, you have up to a year to take advantage of that replacement. Unfortunately, our warranty doesn’t cover layoffs or departures due to relocation.

One final note, if you or any of your associated companies hire one of our candidates at anytime within a year of Proforce presenting them to you, you are obliged to pay us a non-refundable placement fee.

That’s it. The fine print in nice clear text.


American Staffing Association (ASA)
The Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS)
Jewish Chamber of Commerce
Jeunes Chambres de Commerce

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